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    The Official Pokemon Site

    A great Pokemon Game

    Anyone with a Gamecube, GBA and games come here! Sign up and collect stars and get free gifts from Nintendo! It's great!
    Nintendo VIP 24:7

    A cool site all about the Nintendo DS!

    Revision-GCSE - Revise for your GCSEs!

    Level Up -
    Revise for your A-Levels!

    Pokemon Ultimate



    Welcome to the Pokemon Ultimate Homepage!
    On this Site you'll find the Ultimate source to everything about Pokemon, Cardcaptors, Digimon,
    Yu-Gi-Oh and much, much more...

    News and Updates:

    12th April 2012

    We've been moved again! Well done for finding the site again. Hopefully this will be the last time we ever move, since I've finally bought a domain and a kind benefactor is hosting the site. Anyway, welcome back to Pokemon Ultimate, on its brand-new URL: Everything should be just about sorted now, but please contact me if you notice any broken links or missing images!

    6th May 2007

    Happy New Year! Welcome back to Pokemon Ultimate, on its brand-new URL: Please be patient while all pages are moved over and updated!

    10th September 2006

    Let me now introduce you to the (unfinished) Millenium Items!

    5th September 2006

    The Yu-Gi-Oh page is now being updated! I also plan to start up a new page about the Millenium items.

    31st August 2006

    I'm updating the Digimon page! Please be patient while I update all pages and links.

    26th August 2006

    I've returned from my holidays. The Pokedex page has now been updated! Mostly minor coding, though there's a little more data. I'm also making an alaphetical listing.

    5th August 2006

    The update is in action! You might have noticed the Pokemon page has missing links. Hope you like the slight upgrade!

    3rd August 2006
    It's been a long time, but I'm finally going to update the website. I'm thinking about going for a brand new template. If you have a suggestion for what you'd like to see, send an email. All font style suggestions, colour scheme suggestions are welcome. Until then, the site's going to be changing to .htm, rather than .html pages.

    14th April 2006
    I've started up a new website: Revision-GCSE. If you're revising for GCSEs, it'll be worth a click! (At least when it's finished!)

    19th March 2006
    Thanks to Mildred for spotting a mistake on the World War One pages. I've now changed that. :) If you notice mistakes on other pages, just drop me an email!

    30th December 2005
    It's almost the new year, and my resolution is to spend a lot more time editing the site! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

    11th October 2005
    Cubix is gone, as you wish. The final result being:

    10th April 2005
    I've finally completed everything you need to know about Digimon Series 4!! Take a look on the Digimon homepage.

    5th April 2005
    Time for another poll. Will you get rid of Cubix too? Only time will tell...

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