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This site was made by EJ Taylor, over her AS/A2 years, also the author of Revision-GCSE . Although the exam boards are revising their courses at the end of 2008, much of the information on the site should still be relavent. Check with your teachers if you're not sure!

If you have any information you think would benefit Level Up, don't hesitate to email it.

Happy revising and good luck for the exams!

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25th January 2013: Happy New Year! You can now click the 'follow' button to follow Level Up on Facebook!

26th December 2012: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, everyone! Level Up is coming into the 21st Century with a beautiful 'like' button for its Facebook page! Please do click the 'like' button on any page to show all your friends where you revise... and good luck for the January exams!

19th April 2012: My heart sinks to see the cache of, the old site... The website is right here, people! It's here, come and find it! So in an effort to get people over here, I'm listing some of the links to the old site, in a hope that this page will appear in the search engine when people look for things from those pages:

If you have managed to make it over to this new page, please help out by spreading the word of the new URL on forums and things! Many thanks!

12th April 2012: Well done for making your way to the new URL: We shouldn't ever need to move again! I can't believe it's been four years since I was making this site. How the time flies! Fortunately A Levels don't change TOO much, though everything is a bit dated now. Check with your teacher if you're unsure about anything on this site!

12th June 2008: Hope today's Literature exam went well and the pages helped. Level Up is now officially finished, although if you have contributions for pages marked with:

This page is incomplete. If you have any info to help complete it, please email it! Thank you!
Please do email stuff in! You'll be acknowledged as the author, and your work will fall under Level Up's copyright.

Good luck for Tuesday's editorial writing English exam, and Thursday's Language Development, Trends and Patterns and Transition Metals!

Perhaps when I go to Uni, I might start a uni Literature site, if I have time. So, bye for now!

11th June 2008: Good luck for tomorrow's Unifying Concepts exam! Hope the page helps!

10th June 2008: The Larkin pages are complete, though if you have an analysis of Ignorance, please email it in! I have to admit defeat with Othello, but hope the stuff that is on there is useful. Good luck with tomorrow's Literature exam!


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